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January 12 2010 3 12 /01 /January /2010 11:11
The month of a person's birthday has a gemstone associated with it called a birthstone. Wearing the gem associated with one's birthday is commonly thought to bring good luck or health." In addition, they are known for their ability to remove negative energy. But, have you ever considered purchasing some pieces of birthstone jewelery items as a present for someone special? Because of its personalized nature, it would certainly be a perfect gift for anniversaries and of course for birthdays.

According to another aspect twelve gemstones represented by the twelve tribes of Israel and also corresponded with the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve months of the year.

These stones are common in various types of jewelry like rings, earrings,n ecklaces, bracelets, 12 traditional birthstones have been valued and worn for hundreds of years.

Here are the calendar months with their birthstones and meanings:

January -Garnet (deep red color) - love, passion

February - Amethyst (purple color) - luck, good health

March -Aquamarine (pale aqua color) - happiness, understanding

April -Diamond (clear color) - eternal love

May - Emerald (deep green color)- love, fidelity, goodness

June - Pearl (lustrous white color)- peace, beauty, nobility, purity

July -Ruby (red color) - love, strength, devotion

August   -Peridot (pale green color)- success, dignity, protection

September -Sapphire (blue color) - purity, truth, sincerity

October -Opal (rainbow color) - beauty, success, happiness

November - Citrine (yellow color) - hope, fidelity, health

December - Topaz (orange/brown color) - wisdom and courage

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