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January 3 2014 6 03 /01 /January /2014 13:10

Gemstone beaded jewelry looks exquisite and complements all outfits and are suitable for all occasions.

With some imagination and creativity, design your own jewelry by using faceted gemstone beads including amethyst, citrine, garnet, onyx, chalcedony, topaz and many more gemstones in popular shapes like round, heart, drop, pear and fancy shapes to fulfill your exclusive jewelry making requirements like earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. Each gemstone has its own unique, visually distinctive qualities, and when combined together with other different gemstones, a beautiful piece of beaded gemstone jewelry can be created. Each jewelry can also be given added value and sophistication in terms of appearance when created with some precious metals, such as gold or silver.

It is advisable to buy jewelry beads and other jewelry making supplies in bulk which will obviously help you to save a substantial amount of money.


You can get wholesale gemstone beads from www.goforjewel.com



loose beads wholesale

Faceted Amethyst Beads

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February 5 2013 3 05 /02 /February /2013 08:28

Gemstone link necklaces are beautiful accessory for decorating neck which truly enhances the elegance and the appeal of both the outfit and the wearer. There are various styles, lengths and designs available in the market to choose from. The following are some styles of gemstone necklaces for women that are in style and extremely popular as a gift as well! The chain of these necklaces is made up of links connected together and there are varieties of thickness available in this chain type. These necklaces look extremely pretty on a girl with a tiny body frame.

Jasper Ruby Smoky NecklaceLabradorite Gemstone NecklaceMOZAMBIQUE Garnet NecklaceTopaz Charm Necklace

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October 22 2012 2 22 /10 /October /2012 08:14

Carnelian, a natural semi precious orange to red colors gemstone belongs to chalcedony quartz family. This color combination is due to the presence of iron oxide within its composition. The name Carnelian derived from the Latin cornu, meaning horn, cornum meaning cherry, or carnis meaning flesh. Due to variety of cuts (banded and patterned) and vivid color (orange to red colours) it's one of the favourite stone of jewelers. These fine stones are largely used in Handmade Rings. Carnelian comes from Australia in Garie Beach Queensland, Austria, Botswana, China and Brazil. It is also found in India, Africa and Russia. We are dispaying below Natural Carnelian Faceted Heart Shape Briolette Bead Strands.


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March 28 2011 2 28 /03 /March /2011 10:09

The best accessory for virtually any occasion, a bracelet is also a perfect way to express feelings of love and respect to those near and dear. In ancient times, bracelets were  made up of bones, teeth, stones and beads; fortunately all the bracelets in this day and age have been replaced with Diamonds, gold, silver and gemstones. Throughout the ages bracelets have increased in popularity and the art of choosing and wearing the right bracelet with current tastes and fashions has become a necessity. 

The designs of bracelets are different for different occasions and signify something special. To support an understated yet elegant look, Coloured gemstone bracelets are mainly available in uncomplicated and classic designs. To celebrate Mother’s Day, the design of bracelets would be more appealing in terms of emotions, with love symbolizing the designs. These coloured bracelets are gaining massive popularity for the elegance and vibrancy they add to one’s personality. Those who have a flavour for diverse stones and something young, embody a long lasting relationship with colored gemstone bracelets.

For the ones who have a flavor for trends, we have sterling silver bracelets. Since silver bracelets are affordable, trendy and decorative, they will enhance your look for any causal occasion.  


Here at The Jewellery Channel (TJC) you will find all bracelets to suit your taste, preference, fashion and budget.

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February 11 2011 6 11 /02 /February /2011 09:20

Jewellery is the love of every woman across the globe and earrings constitute the most important accessory in their jewellery boxes. A pair of nice pearl earrings is enough to add value to anyone’s jewellery collection and it is definitely a style statement to reckon with. The craving of women for pearl is not a secret. It’s a synonym of beauty and women have always been keen on adorning themselves with pearl jewellery. Fresh water or synthetic pearls, both are stylish and beautiful. Pearl earrings are a classic piece of jewellery for any woman’s wardrobe. Available in various shapes and sizes they are an essential embellishment for a woman. They are an age old symbol of beauty.

Pearl studs, pearl chandelier and other danglers are there to make you look stand out of the crowd. You can give a gift of beautiful pearl earring to let the receiver feel that they are as unique and beautiful as the pearl. Pearl earrings should be chosen according to the facial structure like people with round face can go with drop or dangling earrings. Square and round earrings can go well with long face. If you are aware of the style that will best compliment your features you can acquire a pair of earrings that will be cherished by you for years. pearl-drop-earring.jpg

These earrings are available in a variety of styles for casual and elegant wear.

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June 18 2010 6 18 /06 /June /2010 14:05

Gemstones that are attached to your date of birth have mystical qualities and healing properties. Certain special stone is dedicated to each month and believed to possess special powers and if worn by the person born on the same month it would bestow its powers to that person. We are specify all months and their respective birthstone associated with it.

Month   -   BirthStones
January  -  Garnet
February - Amethyst
March  -   Aquamarine
April  -   Diamond
May  -     Emerald
June   -   Pearl
July  -    Ruby
August  -  Peridot
September  - Sapphire
October  -  Opal
November - Topaz
December - Tanzanite

Wear your birthstone and start to transfer powers to your body and mind according to Indian Ayurvedic.

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January 12 2010 3 12 /01 /January /2010 11:11
The month of a person's birthday has a gemstone associated with it called a birthstone. Wearing the gem associated with one's birthday is commonly thought to bring good luck or health." In addition, they are known for their ability to remove negative energy. But, have you ever considered purchasing some pieces of birthstone jewelery items as a present for someone special? Because of its personalized nature, it would certainly be a perfect gift for anniversaries and of course for birthdays.

According to another aspect twelve gemstones represented by the twelve tribes of Israel and also corresponded with the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve months of the year.

These stones are common in various types of jewelry like rings, earrings,n ecklaces, bracelets, 12 traditional birthstones have been valued and worn for hundreds of years.

Here are the calendar months with their birthstones and meanings:

January -Garnet (deep red color) - love, passion

February - Amethyst (purple color) - luck, good health

March -Aquamarine (pale aqua color) - happiness, understanding

April -Diamond (clear color) - eternal love

May - Emerald (deep green color)- love, fidelity, goodness

June - Pearl (lustrous white color)- peace, beauty, nobility, purity

July -Ruby (red color) - love, strength, devotion

August   -Peridot (pale green color)- success, dignity, protection

September -Sapphire (blue color) - purity, truth, sincerity

October -Opal (rainbow color) - beauty, success, happiness

November - Citrine (yellow color) - hope, fidelity, health

December - Topaz (orange/brown color) - wisdom and courage

Gemstone Jewelry | Discount Gemstone Jewelry
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December 19 2009 7 19 /12 /December /2009 19:16
In the business sector it is very important to lay special emphasis on the promotion bit. The key to success in business sector is to reach out to a lot more people and gain huge popularity. Reputed  online companies or stores now come with ideas of innovative corporate gifts that can make popular. Hence, it goes without saying that choosing the right corporate gifts is an important business policy nowadays.

Corporate gifts have no limitations at all. The most common and popular corporate gifts in women are silver jewelry rings,earrings,pendants, or bracelets. They are usable by almost anybody and everybody. Due to their constant requirement they remain in the constant of not only the one using it, but also those surrounding him.

However, it should be kept in mind that business gifts are to be selected according to the company’s financial stability. It is true that imprinted promotional gifts bring in huge returns, yet one should never go overboard with such expenses. In this connection, it can be stated that it is better to keep different sets ofcorporate gifts for different sets of people. Workers can be given silver rings, earrings,bracelet as corporate gifts. Executive bags, travel bags and the like stuff will make impressive corporate gifts for senior officials. T-shirts, desktop accessories, wooden items, and crockery can also be given to business associates as corporate gifts.

 However, what is most important is to select thecorporate gifts that are of supreme quality as this will impress their existing clients and further help them to increase their customer base. After all, the sole purpose of distributing corporate gifts is to take the business to new heights.
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December 14 2009 2 14 /12 /December /2009 10:01
Silver Jewelry As a Present For Different Occasions

There is almost no specific holiday or occasion that a person cannot purchase a religious gift for. When a person is a Christian, they hold the Lord dear to their heart and not one day goes by that they do no thank the Lord for everything that he has given to them. Every occasion and holiday can be used to give Christian Gifts to the ones that you love. Furthermore, there are so many choices of these gifts that you will be assured to find the right gift for the right person. You can find Christian inspirational gifts, personalized Christian gifts, Christian mother's day gifts, as well as many more.

Silver jewelry, I can say is one of the most valuable and surprising gift your love one can receive. For any occasion, silver jewelry will never be outdated.

Silver jewelry works for any types of clothing and skin tone, with its huge available supply and affordability from head to toe surely you can get a set of jewelry without compromising its quality. Like silver earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches, watches, necklaces and anklets.

In terms of present or giveaway for wedding occasion, a piece of silver bracelet engraved with "thank you" is a very sentimental piece your visitor or sponsor could received. It is a sign of appreciating their presence, witnessing one of the most important part your life. Your next chapter of building your own family.

Silver jewelry such pendant and chains of bracelet is another appreciative present for parent to receive for their new born child, a"Christening Present". The parent can let their child grow up with your bracelet, always remembering you as the child's godparent. Who promises to help raise the child in a Christian manner.

Regardless of the cost, any woman will be delightful to receive a silver jewelry for her birthday. It is the nature of women to put sentimental value to a gift from someone who appreciates her, especially if its something you personalized or "something given with effort".

There is a wide collection of silver jewelry you can choose from to be a birthday present, but mostly for a friend, they prefer a bracelet engraved with words they can't personally say how much that person means to them. Silver bracelets ranges from simple to a more decorative styles with crystals, diamonds, semi-precious stones or silver pendant as well.

Christmas and Valentines are fast approaching everyone is busy looking after with their gift to be wrapped for their families, friends and special someone. A stunning silver ring, earring, bracelet, watch, anklet, pendant and necklace are few of the many things you can wrap as a present of love. Make it a habit of giving a present, without expecting something in return, you may never know until when you will be together. So start to appreciate that person today. Even a small piece of pendant stringed on a simple ribbon can be a stunning present. Make everyday Christmas.

Browse our Silver Gemstone Jewelry including Silver Topaz, Amethyst, Turquoise Gemstone Rings, earrings, Pendants and Bracelets.

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December 9 2009 4 09 /12 /December /2009 19:14
Turquoise is the birthstone for the month of december. Its a best christmas silver jewelry gift for who born in december month.

December is the last month of the year. People born in December are astrologically classified as Sagittarians and their ruling planet is the magnanimous Jupiter, the King among Planets. Belonging to the Fire group of astrological signs, they are well known for their outspokenness and frankness. Never of the inactive or lazy type, are Sagittarians adventurous and bubbly with an optimistic outlook towards life. Flaring of tempers and acting on impulse seem to be their second nature. They find it a real issue to put a hold on their emotions.

You can purchase this jewelry piece from www.fillelilly.com


Turquoise is a blue colored stone. Though found in nature as bluish- green or even brownish blue, the best preferred color is the blue color resembling the blueness of the sky. Though Turquoise is not as hard as the other stones, it takes a smooth polish and shines with luster on being polished.

Turquoise is conferred with numerous health benefits too. It is said to remove and heal negativity and fill the user or the wearer with a sense of love and peace and calm. Turquoise is a wonderful gem stone to draw out all the negativity from a person. If under the influence of black magic, then Turquoise is considered as an excellent way to negate the effects of the deteriorating spell on the wearer.

Turquoise can be used as an effective help in creating a feeling of connectedness and emotional bonding with loved ones.

Turquoise can be used as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, as silver set rings, waist belts with these gem stone embedded or as arm bands. Whatever the choice of the type of jewelry, Turquoise looks wonderful on the wearer while acting like an amulet against negativity and black magic spells. What is more, it looks funky and can be used by the young and old alike. Turquoise is liked alike by the celebrities and the fashion conscious and any person can use this wonderful gem stone to enhance the positive vibrations in their life.

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