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Jewelry retains its value since it can be reused in a myriad of ways. Buyers melt gold down and resell it; they also refurbish pre-owned gemstones and set them in new jewelry.  With growing demand for gold, diamonds and other precious gemstones, the value of jewelry is through the roof. The increased demand is a cash cow for millions of Americans that have old, unwanted and broken jewelry.  Getting rid of your unwanted watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings is easier than ever since there are several ways to sell your items.

Mail away operations are one of the easiest ways to sell your jewelry. Legitimate online companies such as GemsTrust.com pay top dollar for gold and diamond jewelry. They also buy jewelry studded with precious gemstones such as tanzanite, rubies, tourmaline, sapphires, emeralds and alexandrite.  The service is simple: they send you a prepaid envelope, you mail them your jewelry, they make an offer and, if you accept, they send a check. If you are not satisfied with their offer, they will return the jewelry at no expense to you.

Mail-in operations are lauded for the ease of their transactions, paying top dollar and the safeguards they use to protect your jewelry. For example, they provide complimentary mailing insurance that will cover your item(s) if it is lost during transit. Mail-in companies also have a team of experts that work hard to establish the fair market value of your items. Their jewelry buyers and GIA-certified gemologists inspect and appraise each piece of jewelry and offer its fair market value.

If you don’t feel comfortable using a mail-in service, there many jewelry stores in your area that will buy your item(s). The jeweler will inspect your item(s), assess its value and make an offer. The services are free of charge; so, if you are not satisfied with their offer, you can take the jewelry into another store. The added benefit of this method is that the payments are immediate. Jewelry stores also give you the opportunity to compare offers and to ensure that you get the best price for your item.

Hotel gold buys are limited-time engagements that take place in every city. These traveling events feature a host of jewelry buyers and liquidators that are looking to pay big money for your jewelry. They advertise heavily on television and draw a large number of jewelry sellers. The events take place in hotel ballrooms and convention spaces and the transactions are quick. You take in your old jewelry and the buyers inspect it. They make an offer and pay you on the spot. Hotel gold buys are limited-time engagements, so keep an eye out for advertisements announcing events in your area. 

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Published by Telno Walker - in Jewelry Buying Guide
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