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May 25 2013 7 25 /05 /May /2013 06:55

As a woman, there is always a reason to dress up; whether it’s a work party, a hot date with your man, or a night out with the girls, the amount of formal functions to attend are limitless. Sure it’s fun to get all dolled up, but when you’re short on time, it’s good idea to have a few staple pieces for these events. Dresses are great, because there’s no need to mix and match pieces to create the perfect outfit. Essentially, you can just throw it on and go. More important than the outfit, however, is having a few pieces of fine jewelry that can be added to any look as an immediate outfit updater.
The modern woman is expected to work long days and go out at night. This leaves minimal time to change your look. At times like these, jewelry is always the answer! A simple, daytime outfit can quickly be dressed up with the instant glamour that jewelry provides. In order to go from boardroom chic to boardwalk fabulous, the jewelry piece should pack a powerful punch of glitz. Antique, Edwardian jewelry is the perfect option, because it will add intrigue to your otherwise basic ensemble.
Edwardian pieces from Blue N White Diamonds have a special way of turning dull into dynamite, because they are extremely unique and interesting to look at. Some pieces ‘wow’ with high-profile sparkle, while others are more understated with fine detailing and impeccable craftsmanship. Whatever the occasion, Edwardian jewelry has pieces  that will take your look to the next level.
Often times, people hear Edwardian jewelry and immediately think of engagement rings. While engagement pieces are a prominent style, there is Edwardian jewelry for all occasions. Lavish formal pieces are ornamental, and truly breathtaking to behold. The lacelike patterns and diamonds create a brilliant effect. Daytime looks are subtler, but still offer all the things we love about formal Edwardian jewelry.
Adding an antique piece to your outfit is the perfect way to complete a style. Edwardian jewelry is so great, because it can be paired with anything you have in your closet. The next time you need to quickly transition your outfit from day to night, or simply want to update your look, consider wearing an antique, Edwardian piece. Click here to view the Edwardian collection and discover the wonder of Edwardian jewelry for every occasion for yourself!.

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February 18 2013 2 18 /02 /February /2013 14:19

The demand of pre-engagement rings is on a high these days. A pre-engagement ring also knows as promise ring symbolizes commitment. It is a way of showing love and affection towards the one you love and intend to marry in future. It may also symbolize chastity, loyalty or monogamy. This ring is given by a man to a woman or a couple may exchange these rings among them.

Pre-engagement rings can be worn on any finger. Usually people wear it on the ring finger of their left hand. It can also be worn in the middle finger or the ring finger of the right hand too. These rings are available in a wide variety of materials, styles and designs. They are usually not as expensive as the engagement rings and can even be made of wood, glass or ceramic apart from the traditional gold, silver and titanium rings. It depends on an individual’s choice what he wants to give.

There are endless options available when it comes to pre-engagement rings. Engraved rings are very popular among couples these days. A couple may consider engraving name, initials or even a customized message like ‘I love you’ or any other special message on the ring. Heart shaped rings can also be a popular choice for a promise ring. Birthstone rings also make a brilliant choice for a pre-engagement ring and can also feature the birthstones of the couple in a beautiful design. A ring with birthstone at the centre with surrounding Diamonds also makes a stunning choice. You can also get a customized ring made by a local or online jewellery store.

There are several occasions like birthday, first date anniversary, Christmas or Valentine’s Day when you can present this ring to your loved one. Giving a promise or a pre-engagement ring means that a couple is in a committed and loving relationship and it’s kind of a promise they make to each other to make the relation official in the future.

PrimeStyle sells exclusive Engagement Rings and Pre- Engagement Rings, Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry . They also have a large variety of diamond engagement ring of various sizes and carats.

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November 10 2012 7 10 /11 /November /2012 06:14

Natalie K defines elegance with several collections of fine jewelry that has a timeless flair. The designer is known for their spectacular designs which incorporate a large number of diamonds that sparkle beautifully on the wearer’s hand. Natalie K offers an exceptional selection of designer wedding rings that are fitting symbols of your undying devotion. The wedding rings are offered in a choice of traditional and modern options that can accentuate her engagement ring, while being striking enough to stand alone as an anniversary ring.


Natalie K wedding rings are handcrafted from platinum, white gold, yellow gold and two-tone precious metals. The wedding rings are studded with a dazzling selection of white diamonds, which seamlessly blend into the band.


Natalie K’s ladies wedding rings are offered in their Infini and Elegant collections. Infini Collection wedding rings are a series of contemporary eternity bands that feature interlocking designs and strings of diamonds.  Wedding rings in the Infini Collection are offered in a choice of pave or prong-set diamonds. The stones are lined in single or multiple rows that encircle the band. Diamond cuts consist of round or emerald stones which are set closely together to reduce the appearance of metal and maximize sparkle. Infini collection rings are mainly offered with white diamonds. However, some rings are offered with striking black diamonds, putting a unique spin on the design.


Elegant Collection wedding rings are dainty and more traditional. The rings feature airy, antique-style designs that are classic and refined.  Elegant Collection wedding rings are lined with single rows of diamonds set on the top half or fully encircling the bands. The diamonds are offered in a choice of pave, channel and prong settings. Wedding rings in this collection also feature distinct touches like double edge finishes which enhances the sparkle of the ring.


Natalie K also offers a tasteful selection of men’s wedding rings that provide the perfect complement to her bridal set without forsaking his masculinity. The Beau Collection of men’s wedding rings consists of circular and square-shaped bands. Beau Collection bands offer a choice of design touches, such as rope trimming, matte finishes, hand engraving and two-tones. Additional touches like single diamonds or a row of channel-set stones give the pieces an added level of stylishness that is not typically found in men’s wedding rings. Despite these flourishes, Natalie K’s men’s wedding rings retain a handsome air that will enhance the strength of his hand. 

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October 30 2012 3 30 /10 /October /2012 06:07

In this economy, the cost of everything has gone up, especially in the diamond business. The price of diamonds has spiked in the last few years, forcing the prices of diamond jewelry to skyrocket in retail and department stores. Consumers should go with custom made jewelry because of the surging prices of diamonds. They will save money and get a personalized piece of jewelry according to their very own tastes and budget.


Jewelry stores have nice displays, great lighting, and professional sales associates to impress potential customers. When people buy from them, they are not only paying for the jewelry itself but also for the store experience. Jewelry stores sell their jewelry to make a profit so that they can pay for the salespeople and the fancy lighting. On the contrary, a designer who custom makes jewelry using loose diamonds relies on craftsmanship and the quality of the diamond to sell their pieces and impress customers.


A jeweler that offers custom made jewelry is a much better route to take when purchasing diamond rings and other pieces. There is no middle man involved, so the cost of the jewelry will go directly to the designer and the materials used to make the piece. Low cost custom jewelry is a much more sensible option, and it allows for creativity that store-bought pieces cannot compete with.


Loose diamonds are less expensive, and they allow the designer of the ring so much more flexibility in creating the ring of her dreams. Once the diamonds are selected, the setting can then be chosen to complement the diamonds. 1800 Loose Diamonds Online has a great selection of diamonds at reasonable prices to choose from.


The benefits of purchasing loose diamonds:

•         Lower Price

•        Convenience

•        Personalized experience

•        Flexibility

•         Unique design

Buying loose diamonds does not mean the quality of the ring is sacrificed in the least. In fact, loose diamonds are more carefully chosen than the store-bought diamond rings because the purchaser chooses the diamonds. They can inspect the diamonds through hi-resolution photos at all angles to make sure it the perfect diamond for their ring. It simply can’t be any easier than that. 

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March 15 2012 5 15 /03 /March /2012 16:42

Diamond is the hardest known mineral to mankind. Its strength, durability, sparkle and hardness has made it highly sought after. The word Diamond is derived from a Greek word “adamus”, which means invincible. Diamonds are the transparent crystals made out of carbon and are considered as the symbol of love, happiness and wealth. It has been designated as the “King of all Gemstones”.

The value of a Diamond is generally determined by the 4 C’s- colour, clarity, cut and carat.

Most people when shop for Diamond, look for a colourless one. But this is not the case. Diamonds are available in various fancy colours like pink, red, blue, green, canary, black and champagne. Fancy coloured Diamonds are very rare and thus cost a lot.

Carat refers to the weight of Diamonds. One carat equals to 1/5 gram.

Cut of a Diamond refers to its shape. The popular Diamond cuts are- round brilliant cut, princess cut, emerald, marquise and pear cut.

Clarity of a Diamond refers to its purity. A Diamond ranges from flawless to heavily flawed.

The sparkle and beauty of a Diamond is awe-inspiring. Considering 4 C’s of Diamonds is a must before making a purchase.

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September 9 2011 6 09 /09 /September /2011 11:56

A Unique Engagement Ring is what Nicole Richie always wanted

Nicole Richie feels on top of the world whenever she fixes her eyes at her splendid Pink Sapphire and Diamond engagement Ring. A pink sapphire gem embodies feelings of trust and loyalty, and diamonds embody love, her ring is a combination of both, it makes her ring even more special. Her ring looks just fantastic.



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July 12 2010 2 12 /07 /July /2010 10:49


This Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver Tanzanite and Diamond Cross Pendant With Chain 5.05 Ct. is looking gorgeous and best gift for all occasions.

Celebrate happiness and joy throughout with this exquisite Tanzanite Cross Pendant. This cross pendant will prove to be best bounty for any occasion. The design of this Pendant looks superb. Falling off a sleek and slender chain, this pendant has unparalleled charm.




This scenic pendant features 42 pear shaped tanzanite pieces with six brilliant round cut diamonds.

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June 12 2010 7 12 /06 /June /2010 17:01

Diamond round 4.8 faceted ring in yellow gold is looking gorgeous and ideal best choice for engagement.The Jewellery Channel is offering affordable diamond jewellery on Sky 650 All day and Free view ch 31 from 9am to 12pm everyday. Get diamond ring from jewellery channel huge collection that includes diamond engagement rings,yellow and white gold diamond gemstone rings in various design.




Metal - 18K Yellow Gold
No. Of Diamond(s) - 5
Total Gem Weight - 2.00 ct.
Diamond Information
Name    - Diamond Round 4.8 Faceted   
Quantity - 5
Weight - 2.000
Price - £ 2,289.95

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