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December 7 2009 2 07 /12 /December /2009 17:49
Diamond is a most precious stones so you should have keep some ideas before purchasing this precious  stone jewelry. We are specifying some diamond jewelry buying tips :

Diamonds are considered as symbols of love; and its called girls stone, thats why they wore diamond jewelry in their engagement and wedding . Color, cut, clarity and carat are the four characteristics which determine the value of diamonds. Among these qualities, cut determines the desirability of the diamond since the other qualities are naturally acquired ones.The jewelry can be made of gold, sterling silver or titanium.

Tip 1: Ask yourself: "Do I want to wear something that is worth what I paid?" If the answer is no, stop reading now. You don't need my advice. If the answer is yes-and it probably is, then we want to avoid all jewelry that is made on an assembly line because it depreciates an average of 80.3% in value when you walk out the jewelry store's door. Simple question, ask the jeweler if the piece is 100% handmade. If not, you are looking at expensive costume jewelry.

Tip 2: If the jeweler passes tip 1, good. Now, ask if the settings are vacuum poured and vacuum pressed to remove any air pockets in the jewelry that can hurt its structural integrity. If he/she answers "Huh?", move on.

Tip 3: Ask if the gemstones are 100% natural and haven't been treated in anyway shape or form including baking to whiten, fracture filing to hide cracks, laser drilling to remove carbon. If they say "Uh, what?" or "Not sure", move on.

Tip 4: Ask if the major diamond (stones 1/4ct or larger) are fully bonded (if the jeweler 100% guarantees that for any reason at any time in the future, you are unhappy, you can get your hard earned money back! If no, see ya!

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Published by Telno Walker - in Jewelry Buying Guide
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