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October 30 2012 3 30 /10 /October /2012 06:07

In this economy, the cost of everything has gone up, especially in the diamond business. The price of diamonds has spiked in the last few years, forcing the prices of diamond jewelry to skyrocket in retail and department stores. Consumers should go with custom made jewelry because of the surging prices of diamonds. They will save money and get a personalized piece of jewelry according to their very own tastes and budget.


Jewelry stores have nice displays, great lighting, and professional sales associates to impress potential customers. When people buy from them, they are not only paying for the jewelry itself but also for the store experience. Jewelry stores sell their jewelry to make a profit so that they can pay for the salespeople and the fancy lighting. On the contrary, a designer who custom makes jewelry using loose diamonds relies on craftsmanship and the quality of the diamond to sell their pieces and impress customers.


A jeweler that offers custom made jewelry is a much better route to take when purchasing diamond rings and other pieces. There is no middle man involved, so the cost of the jewelry will go directly to the designer and the materials used to make the piece. Low cost custom jewelry is a much more sensible option, and it allows for creativity that store-bought pieces cannot compete with.


Loose diamonds are less expensive, and they allow the designer of the ring so much more flexibility in creating the ring of her dreams. Once the diamonds are selected, the setting can then be chosen to complement the diamonds. 1800 Loose Diamonds Online has a great selection of diamonds at reasonable prices to choose from.


The benefits of purchasing loose diamonds:

•         Lower Price

•        Convenience

•        Personalized experience

•        Flexibility

•         Unique design

Buying loose diamonds does not mean the quality of the ring is sacrificed in the least. In fact, loose diamonds are more carefully chosen than the store-bought diamond rings because the purchaser chooses the diamonds. They can inspect the diamonds through hi-resolution photos at all angles to make sure it the perfect diamond for their ring. It simply can’t be any easier than that. 

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Published by Telno Walker - in Diamond Jewellery
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