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July 27 2010 3 27 /07 /July /2010 16:58

Top quality hand crafted jewellery always attracts female and favour  sterling silver for elegance, beauty, range, designs,and affordability. Silver jewellery has emerged as a favourite of the teenagers and women who in their twenties and thirties.Many mythological significance also associated to wear silver jewellery, People wear silver jewellery to show their faith in  culture. Silver is effective in curing muscular spasms, joint pains and can help prevent certain skin problems.

Women around the world admire sterling silver jewellery ornaments which is elegant and have an intrinsic appeal and difficult  to ignore. Pure silver is very soft and used for crafting handmade silver jewelry like earrings, necklaces, bangles, etc.



Different kinds of methods of embellishment like chasing, engraving, filigree and inlaying are used for creating Sterling Silver accessories like chains, earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, bangles and so on.sterling silver consists of 92.7% silver and extremely popular type of silver that is used for creating jewelry.

When silver jewellery studded with gemstones like sapphire, emerald, tanzanite, ruby, pearl, topaz, or aquamarine look charming, and attractive. These added gemstones increase elegance as well as value of silver jewellery.

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July 21 2010 4 21 /07 /July /2010 13:22

A Chain is a beautiful accessory which adds elegance and refinement to one’s look. A Chain is a series of connected links which are made up of a metal.


Chains are meant for men as well as women. The popularity of a Chain lies in the fact that they are available in different
styles which make them perfect for both sexes. Chains also make great gifts.

There is an extensive catalog of Chains including herringbone, box, rope, curb, snake and many more. These Chains are always popular gifts and are a grand way to show someone how much you care for them.

Let us explore a number of Chains, starting with a herringbone Chain:

Herringbone Chains are made up of metal strands aligned in parallel to one another to construct a thick, sturdy Chain. A
choice of lengths is available depending on your particular preference. The beauty of a Herringbone Chain lies in the fact that they rarely go out of style.

Box Chains are unisex. Whenever you think of box Chains, you should just be thinking of refined Chains. That is the most remarkable thing about these Chains. A box Chain is ideal for men as well as women.

A Rollo Chain is a beautiful Chain consisting of circular rings with a rounded surface connecting them together. Circular
rings of metal construct an understated yet stunning Rollo Chain. A Yellow and White Gold Rollo Chain are typically popular with the ladies. But don’t underestimate the increasing male popularity for Sterling Silver Rollo Chains. A sterling silver Rollo Chain enhances any look for any occasion.

A Figaro Chain consists of long and oval rings alternating with a series of three circular rings. A Figaro Chain looks great when worn with beautiful colored gemstones or designer Sterling Silver Pendants.  

Snake Chains are in significant demand. A snake Chain is made up of strong single strands of metal. The design of this kind of Chain resembles a snake and hence is known as a snake Chain. Snake Chains look trendy as well as sophisticated.

 Rope Chains: The Design of a Rope Chain resembles a rope and hence is given the trendy “Rope Chain” name. A rope Chain is made up of two strands of metal, where the strands Criss-cross with one another.


Each Sterling Silver Chain at TJC is an incredible example of skilled craftsmanship. A curb Chain is created with
uniformed oval rings with tiny indentations permitting the ring connections to remain flat as they nestle into the corners.

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July 12 2010 2 12 /07 /July /2010 10:49


This Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver Tanzanite and Diamond Cross Pendant With Chain 5.05 Ct. is looking gorgeous and best gift for all occasions.

Celebrate happiness and joy throughout with this exquisite Tanzanite Cross Pendant. This cross pendant will prove to be best bounty for any occasion. The design of this Pendant looks superb. Falling off a sleek and slender chain, this pendant has unparalleled charm.




This scenic pendant features 42 pear shaped tanzanite pieces with six brilliant round cut diamonds.

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June 30 2010 4 30 /06 /June /2010 16:35

This beautiful sterling silver pendant stud with Onyx gemstone is looking sparkling and perfect for elegant evening or a special occasion and form a separate class. If you are looking a gift for friends or and relatives, silver gemstone pendant is an excellent choice for that. You can wear large piece of jewellery like pendant as a fashion statement also. If you want to be center of attention or want compliment your outfits, sparkling silver pendant is best choice.

Nowadays, number of women around the world admire silver jewelry, silver jewelry made Ornaments are quite affordable, trendy, lustrous and available in a huge variety of designs; have an intrinsic appeal that is difficult to ignore.

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June 18 2010 6 18 /06 /June /2010 14:05

Gemstones that are attached to your date of birth have mystical qualities and healing properties. Certain special stone is dedicated to each month and believed to possess special powers and if worn by the person born on the same month it would bestow its powers to that person. We are specify all months and their respective birthstone associated with it.

Month   -   BirthStones
January  -  Garnet
February - Amethyst
March  -   Aquamarine
April  -   Diamond
May  -     Emerald
June   -   Pearl
July  -    Ruby
August  -  Peridot
September  - Sapphire
October  -  Opal
November - Topaz
December - Tanzanite

Wear your birthstone and start to transfer powers to your body and mind according to Indian Ayurvedic.

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June 14 2010 2 14 /06 /June /2010 16:43

Add a touch of style to your looks with sterling silver Burmese ruby earrings. Design of these earrings is just captivating. Burmese ruby studded heart motif falls elegantly from silver chain. Well designed push back make these stylish earrings easy to put on.



Well designed push back 925S White Silver Burmese Ruby design make these stylish earrings easy to put on.

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June 12 2010 7 12 /06 /June /2010 17:01

Diamond round 4.8 faceted ring in yellow gold is looking gorgeous and ideal best choice for engagement.The Jewellery Channel is offering affordable diamond jewellery on Sky 650 All day and Free view ch 31 from 9am to 12pm everyday. Get diamond ring from jewellery channel huge collection that includes diamond engagement rings,yellow and white gold diamond gemstone rings in various design.




Metal - 18K Yellow Gold
No. Of Diamond(s) - 5
Total Gem Weight - 2.00 ct.
Diamond Information
Name    - Diamond Round 4.8 Faceted   
Quantity - 5
Weight - 2.000
Price - £ 2,289.95

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June 8 2010 3 08 /06 /June /2010 19:37

The celebration of Father's Day is not just an ordinary occasion. It is that time of the year when we give honor to the man who gave us the greatest love of all, our Dad. Being away to work and not seeing his family most of the time is every father's agony. But, they sacrificed just to provide for the family.

Father's Day is not only for fathers but for husbands too. As wives, finding that man who would give us unconditional love is not as easy as finding what dress to wear. Hence, he deserves gifts that speak of how unique and valuable he is.

This Father's Day , let us pamper our Dad or husband with precious gifts as one-of-a-kind as him. You can find extraordinary jewelry with exceptional designs, top-notch quality and exclusive craftsmanship.

We have stunning pendants embellished with huge exquisite gemstones and distinct chain necklaces for a complete gift set. Remind him each day how proud you are of his career success by giving him jeweled cuff links, tie clips and tie tacks.



For wives, make the celebration more romantic by giving him something really special. A silver ring gifft will tell him each day how much you love and care.

Don't just give your Dad or husband gifts that are passe, something that he has expected to get. Give him something as immense as your love, a one-of-a-kind jewelry personally handcrafted by our master artisans only. Shop now!

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January 27 2010 4 27 /01 /January /2010 13:41
Jewelry designers are constantly coming up with new trends and designs, there will always be something for every personality. Dangle earrings are a way for a person to express themselves. Dangle earring , a new trend that fall into the dangle category. The concept is simple- the piece dangles from the ear and moves with the body. Silver gemstone earrings and other embellishments are also a variety of the dangle style. Styles that are classic and will always be popular is dangle decorative earrings.

Natalie Portman Dangle Decorative Earrings - Natalie Portman arrives at the Independent Film Awrds doning sporting a sleek bun which do a great job of showing off her dangling black and diamond earrings.


Sterling Dangle Earrings - Colorful dangle earrings combine with the rest of the outfit to create a fun, youthful look.

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January 12 2010 3 12 /01 /January /2010 11:11
The month of a person's birthday has a gemstone associated with it called a birthstone. Wearing the gem associated with one's birthday is commonly thought to bring good luck or health." In addition, they are known for their ability to remove negative energy. But, have you ever considered purchasing some pieces of birthstone jewelery items as a present for someone special? Because of its personalized nature, it would certainly be a perfect gift for anniversaries and of course for birthdays.

According to another aspect twelve gemstones represented by the twelve tribes of Israel and also corresponded with the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve months of the year.

These stones are common in various types of jewelry like rings, earrings,n ecklaces, bracelets, 12 traditional birthstones have been valued and worn for hundreds of years.

Here are the calendar months with their birthstones and meanings:

January -Garnet (deep red color) - love, passion

February - Amethyst (purple color) - luck, good health

March -Aquamarine (pale aqua color) - happiness, understanding

April -Diamond (clear color) - eternal love

May - Emerald (deep green color)- love, fidelity, goodness

June - Pearl (lustrous white color)- peace, beauty, nobility, purity

July -Ruby (red color) - love, strength, devotion

August   -Peridot (pale green color)- success, dignity, protection

September -Sapphire (blue color) - purity, truth, sincerity

October -Opal (rainbow color) - beauty, success, happiness

November - Citrine (yellow color) - hope, fidelity, health

December - Topaz (orange/brown color) - wisdom and courage

Gemstone Jewelry | Discount Gemstone Jewelry
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