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December 17 2009 5 17 /12 /December /2009 18:19
Every woman loves the look of the silver jewely with a monogrammed tag or charm. and these jewelry pieces makes a great gift, because you are sure to find a perfect piece to suit the unique style of each of your friends or loved ones. There is something out there for every taste, whether your friends are more classic, preppy, funky, or earthy. Silver jewelry is very reasonably priced, so you can splurge on the whole set of jewelry to really make a splash.

In Indian culture, Gold is given preference over the silver when it comes to Jewelry. Gold being an expensive metal always, its use is limited to upper elite classes and royals only. Silver is relatively cheaper than gold and is available to common people. It has its own charm and beauty.

In earlier times, silver was used in various ornaments like a belt and an armlet worn around arms, bracelets, bangles, anklets and much more. Most of these items are still worn by women as part of customs in rural India. Besides this, there are many items which are made of silver like utensils, decorative and idols of God and Goddesses. Most poplar piece of it is anklet. Anklet is worn by most of the women and girls.

However, in urban India, silver Jewelry is worn to make a fashion statement rather than to follow customs. With prices ever on increase, gold is getting out of reach of even middle class people. At the same time, people are suffering from economic crisis looming world over. However, despite all these conditions, fashion can not be ignored. Instead of gold, women are getting attracted to cheaper Jewelry made of Silver. Jewelry designers are coming with new range of Jewelry every now and then. Add to this, there is craze for white metal like white gold and platinum in West which makes it even more attractive. There are many Jewelry shops which are dedicated to this kind of jewelry.

You can find jewelry pieces, both for men and women, bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings and stone studded ornament. Most of the Jewelry shops sell all these items.

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Published by Telno Walker - in Jewelry Buying Guide
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