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Diamond is the hardest known mineral to mankind. Its strength, durability, sparkle and hardness has made it highly sought after. The word Diamond is derived from a Greek word “adamus”, which means invincible. Diamonds are the transparent crystals made out of carbon and are considered as the symbol of love, happiness and wealth. It has been designated as the “King of all Gemstones”.

The value of a Diamond is generally determined by the 4 C’s- colour, clarity, cut and carat.

Most people when shop for Diamond, look for a colourless one. But this is not the case. Diamonds are available in various fancy colours like pink, red, blue, green, canary, black and champagne. Fancy coloured Diamonds are very rare and thus cost a lot.

Carat refers to the weight of Diamonds. One carat equals to 1/5 gram.

Cut of a Diamond refers to its shape. The popular Diamond cuts are- round brilliant cut, princess cut, emerald, marquise and pear cut.

Clarity of a Diamond refers to its purity. A Diamond ranges from flawless to heavily flawed.

The sparkle and beauty of a Diamond is awe-inspiring. Considering 4 C’s of Diamonds is a must before making a purchase.

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Published by Telno Walker - in Diamond Jewellery
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